Okmulgee County Criminal Justice Authority

315 W. 8th | Okmulgee, OK 74447 | Office# 918-752-0983 | Fax# 918-752-0989


Inmate Roster



Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Property Pickup Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 3:00PM


Drive West 1 mile from Highway 75 (Wood Dr.) on 8th Street.

Visitation Hours

Mon A Pod 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Tues B Pod 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Wed C Pod 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Thur D Pod 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Fri F2/G/Sec Pods 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Sat E Pod 7:00PM - 9:00PM

All visits are limited to 15 minutes

Property Allowed or Disallowed

Loose Leaf notebook paper allowed

Pre-stamped envelopes purchased from the Post Office allowed

Rated G/PG photos allowed

No Stickers, No Lipstick kisses, No Perfume

No Drawings

No Food

No Hygeine Products

No Care Packages (at this time)

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